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Updated: 17 min 28 sec ago

Why the iPhone 7 Plus Is Now the Phone to Beat

39 min 33 sec ago

Because early sales of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were pretty strong, according to figures released by Apple. The timing of Apple's projected rebound in iPhone sales comes as its chief rival Samsung is still reeling from the Note 7 fiasco.

The Tesla Model S P100D has smashed another record with a blistering 10.76 second quarter-mile

1 hour 8 min ago
When we talk about how fast Tesla's are, we tend to focus on how fast Tesla's vehicles can go from 0-60. The recently released Tesla Model S P100D, for example, is an absolute rocket and can go from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds flat. Understandably proud, Tesla CEO Elon Musk appropriately calls the Model S P100D the fastest production car in the world. But here's the thing: nobody in the real world really lives in a universe where 0-60 time even matters. And yet, we're still overly concerned with 0-60 times as if getting up to that speed in 2.5 seconds as opposed to 3 seconds is all that important or significant. Even the brilliant Vin Diesel eschews the 0-60 metric and instead chooses to live his life a quarter mile at a time. Sure, the quarter mile time is just as pointless as 0-60, but in the interest of spicing things up a bit, the enterprising folks over at DragTimes were up to their old tricks again this weekend when they took a Tesla Model S P100D on a record-setting quarter-mile run. DON'T MISS:  Xiaomi just announced the iPhone 8 we’re expecting next year When the dust settled, Tesla's flagship car completed a quarter mile in just 10.76 seconds flat. "We set a new NEDRA certified record for an electric or any all stock 4 door car with the Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous running 10.76 in the 1/4 mile at Palm Beach International Raceway," DragTimes notes. Further highlighting how much faster the Tesla Model S has become over the years, the publication adds: "[The] 1/4 miles times dropped astoundingly from the P85 @ 12.3, P85D @ 11.6, P90DL @ 11.2 and now the P100DL @ 10.7, the You can check out the full video below.  

Google Fiber halts expansion plans as chief steps down

1 hour 36 min ago
Google's parent company is halting operations and laying off staff in a number of cities where it once hoped to bring high-speed internet access by installing new fiber-optic networks. The company also ...

GM's OnStar, IBM's Watson combine to market brands to drivers

1 hour 45 min ago

By Alexandria Sage SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - General Motors Co and International Business Machines Corp on Tuesday said they would combine IBM's artificial intelligence software Watson with the carmaker's OnStar system in order to market services to drivers in their vehicles. The feature, called OnStar Go, is set to debut early next year in more than two million GM vehicles with 4G service, IBM and GM said in a joint statement. IBM's Watson, which beat two previous winners of the quiz show "Jeopardy!" in 2011, will sift through data in order to recognize a driver's habits, allowing third-party marketers to deliver targeted offers, whether nearby coffee shops, reminders about shopping-list items, or paying for fuel from their dashboards.

U.S. Treasury tells banks to provide details on cyber attacks

1 hour 47 min ago

The U.S. government on Tuesday told banks to include details about cyber attacks when filing mandatory reports on fraud and money laundering, saying that will help battle digital crimes that pose "a significant threat" to the U.S. financial system. The U.S. government has long required banks to submit confidential reports known as suspicious activity reports, or SARs, in fraud cases involving at least $5,000. The Treasury Department's office of Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, or FinCEN, released an advisory that specifies what details banks should include in SARs when there is a cyber element in the case.

Apple's holiday surprise: big sales, not so big profits

1 hour 56 min ago

Apple Inc posted its third successive quarter of declining iPhone sales on Tuesday and forecast slimmer-than-expected profit margins over the upcoming holiday season even as it projected record sales, sending its shares down. "In essence, in China and elsewhere, while Apple’s products are still seen favorably, the distance between Apple and its competitors is nowhere near as great as it once was," Neil Saunders, head of retail research firm Conlumino, wrote in a note. Apple shares fell 2.8 percent to $114.99 in after-hours trading.

Oculus Rift user gets so into his alternate reality, he faceplants in the real one

2 hours 4 min ago
Can't a man enjoy using an Oculus Rift in peace, fall down flat on his face in the process and not have to worry about the Internet collectively laughing at the comedic misfortune? Perhaps one day, but for now, with virtual reality still in its infancy, videos like the one you're about to see below are exceedingly funny. DON'T MISS:  The difference between iPhone users and Android users Our faceless hero here is living the good life, or so he thinks. While playing the virtual reality rock climbing game "The Climb", the gaming environment gets a little bit too disorienting, a little bit too real if you will, and he swiftly loses his balance and crashes down to the ground head first. All in all, it's a spill that would make Johnny Knoxville proud. If you look closely, it appears that the Occulus Rift headset actually breaks his fall, allowing our hero to game on for yet another day.

GM, IBM combine OnStar with Watson AI system to connect brands with driver

2 hours 18 min ago

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - General Motors and IBM on Tuesday said a jointly created platform would combine the artificial intelligence system Watson with the carmaker's OnStar connectivity service in an effort to market new services to drivers. "OnStar Go," which will debut early next year in more than two million GM vehicles with 4G, is billed as a way to optimize time spent in the car by enhancing in-vehicle experiences, the companies said. (Reporting by Alexandria Sage, editing by G Crosse)

Google Fiber will lay off employees as it shifts to wireless

2 hours 31 min ago

Access, the Alphabet internet division containing Google Fiber, will lay off employees and replace its CEO as it looks for cheaper ways to deliver internet service to new cities. Current Access CEO Craig Barratt made the announcement in a blog post this evening, saying that he would be staying on only in an advisory role.

Now Galaxy S7 edge phones are exploding, but don’t freak out just yet

2 hours 36 min ago
Samsung still has a massive Galaxy Note 7 recall to deal with, and that’s the only Samsung smartphone that has been exploding at a much higher rate than what would be statistically acceptable. The fact is that anything packing a battery has a theoretical risk of explosion. If it occurs due to faulty components, as is the case of the Galaxy Note 7, then there’s a real danger that must be addressed. But other Samsung phones are safe, even if there are sporadic reports of non-Note 7 handsets exploding. Such is the case with the Galaxy S7 edge, a six-months-old phone that’s about as safe as any other phone — at least until Samsung or any other authority says otherwise. DON’T MISS: Report claims iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary new design that no one saw coming Two Galaxy S7 edge units have exploded recently. One incident took place in Canada, according to Android Headlines . The other explosion happened to a phone that belonged to an employee of a major US carrier, Phone Arena reports . The Canadian unit caught fire while the owner was driving home from work. The other handset exploded while it was charging overnight using the included charger. It’s unclear at this time exactly what caused either of these two explosions. Samsung is investigating the fire in Canada, according to Yahoo . “We are unable to comment on this specific incident until we obtain and thoroughly examine the phone. Customer safety remains our highest priority and we want to work with any customer who has experienced an issue with a Samsung product in order to investigate the matter and support them,” the company said in a statement. These aren’t the only two Galaxy S7 edge phones that have exploded recently. A man in Ohio is already suing Samsung because his phone caught fire in his pocket.

Las bajas ventas del iPhone perjudican los ingresos de Apple

2 hours 49 min ago

Sin embargo, Apple espera que las ventas del iPhone 7, la MacBook y el Apple Watch Series 2 durante la época navideña le traiga entre US$76,000 millones y US$78,000 millones.

Watch 40 minutes of unseen ‘Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ footage

2 hours 58 min ago
Save for possibly  Pokemon Sun and Moon , The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the most anticipated Nintendo game of the near future. The title is coming to both Wii U and Nintendo's recently announced Switch console , but all the footage we've seen so far has come from the Wii U version of the game. Sadly, that's also true of this new footage, but that shouldn't stop you from watching 40 minutes of gameplay from what might be the Wii U's last great game. RELATED:  Everything we know about the Nintendo Switch On Sunday, Nintendo of Japan's YouTube account shared a new video featuring the cast of Japanese variety show  GameCenter DX playing through an extensive demo of Breath of the Wild . You've seen some of this before in previous videos , but as it's less of a guided tour and more of a player experimenting with the various items and systems of the game, there are plenty of never-before-seen moments as well: Fighting, hunting, cooking, shield surfing — it's all here in the video, giving Wii U and (future) Switch owners plenty to think about leading up to the game's launch next year. Although the game is expected to debut alongside the Nintendo Switch next March, Nintendo has not confirmed the release date yet.

Blockchain start-ups pair up on currency processing platform

3 hours 4 min ago
By Jemima Kelly LONDON (Reuters) - Two London-based start-ups have joined forces on a platform to process currency trades with blockchain technology, in an effort to cut settlement times and costs in the $5 trillion-a-day (4.10 trillion pounds) global foreign exchange market. Cobalt DL, fronted by former Citi and Deutsche Bank currencies supremo Andy Coyne and backed by 15 major foreign exchange market participants, is partnering with fellow London-based firm SETL, which says it can settle transactions via the blockchain almost instantly. In contrast, the current foreign exchange market requires multiple records to be created for buyer, seller, broker, clearer and third parties in currency trades, and then reconciliation across multiple systems.

Lighten up: tech firms take on economy-class flight challenge

3 hours 5 min ago

By Jeremy Wagstaff SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Some start-ups are taking on one of air travel's last undisrupted bastions - the economy-class cabin. While first and business class travelers have long enjoyed comfort upgrades, there's been less attention to innovation at the rear of the plane. "We want to make travel memorable and comfortable for all of us, not just the top 1 percent," Alireza Yaghoubi, founder of Singapore-based AirGo, told a recent start-up conference to pitch his superlight economy-class seat.

The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco may be bad news for Apple’s new MacBooks

3 hours 18 min ago
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 troubles are far from over, and there’s one more side-effect the South Korean giant will have to deal with this quarter: a resurgent Apple. According to a report, Samsung's American rival has increased iPhone 7 production in the wake of the Galaxy Note 7 explosions and recalls. DON’T MISS: Report claims iPhone 8 will feature a revolutionary new design that no one saw coming The news comes from Digitimes , and follows a similar report from the same tech site. Digitimes says that Samsung has been increasing its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge orders after the Galaxy Note 7 recall, hoping to minimize the financial hit. Apple, meanwhile, increased smartphone orders for the fourth quarter as well, looking to steal customers away from Samsung. The site says that many memory component suppliers have shifted their capacity for PC memory for smartphones. That means that memory shipments to PC vendors may be delayed, which could impact PC sales during the Christmas quarter. While the Galaxy Note 7 recall appears to be good news for Apple, it may have an adverse effect on a different Apple product that’s coming this quarter, the redesigned MacBook Pro. It’s unclear at this time whether this expected PC memory shortage will affect Apple in any way. The MacBook maker will unveil a new MacBook Pro generation later this week, at which point we’ll find out more details about actual ship dates for the new laptops. Apple never comments on supply rumors, but various reports have painted the company as a tough negotiator in its relationship with component makers that usually gets what it wants. It’s likely that Apple secured the components needed to make next-gen MacBooks well ahead of their official launch. But just in case this report does pan out, we might see some PC shortages in the coming months, all apparently caused by the Galaxy Note 7 debacle. On the other hand, it’s not as the PC business is flourishing right now.

Netflix’s CEO is worried about what AT&T’s merger means for the internet

3 hours 37 min ago
Netflix and AT&T/Time Warner are set to go to war. Fresh from its $80 billion takeover of Time Warner , AT&T has announced an internet-only streaming service, DirecTV, that is aimed squarely at Netflix subscribers. That would always be seen as a threat by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. But after AT&T's takeover of Time Warner, the company now owns big-name content producers like HBO and CNN, and the internet pipes that deliver those to the consumer. That's a dangerous combination. DON'T MISS:  Leaked trademarks confirm we’re getting three new MacBooks this week Speaking at the Wall Street Journal's WSJD Live conference , Hastings outlined his concerns. "We want to require that for AT&T customers, that HBO and Netflix are treated the same. Now that they're going to own HBO we think that any special treatment for HBO data would be inappropriate, but I think that's pretty basic." Hastings is talking about net neutrality and "zero-rating" data, a practice that is already creeping into some mobile carriers. Services like T-Mobile's Binge On exclude certain video and music streaming providers like YouTube and Netflix from counting against your data cap, provided that those streaming services work with T-Mobile to provide mobile-friendly streams. Obviously, this gives an advantage to the services that partner with T-Mobile. As a customer, you're more likely to watch a video on YouTube than something else, is if doesn't count against your data limit. T-Mobile's program is pushing the boundary of fairness, but at least it doesn't charge services for access, and is open to any streaming service that wants to work with T-Mobile. What could be much worse is if an internet provider, like AT&T, offers preferential access or zero-rated data to a content provider, such as Time Warner. Doing so goes against the idea of net neutrality, which states that internet providers are not allowed to discriminate between different kinds of data. There's obvious incentives for AT&T to favor Time Warner channels on its network, and doing so would put Netflix (and everyone else) at a serious disadvantage. That's what Hastings is worried about. But apart from ensuring AT&T/Time Warner play by the rules, Hastings doesn't appear to be fazed by the merger. He said that it would now be easier to recruit Time Warner execs, which could help Netflix get more content for its platform.

Jony Ive and Marc Newson’s latest collaboration is a Christmas tree

3 hours 52 min ago

Apple’s chief design officer Jony Ive and and industrial designer Marc Newson are designing a new, exclusive project in time for the holidays: a Christmas tree.The tree is part of London hotel Claridge’s seasonal celebration, the hotel announced on its website. Since 2009, different designers have created a unique tree to commemorate the holidays. Ive and Newson’s work will be unveiled on November 18; the two join previous designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, McQueens’ Kally Ellis, and Christopher Bailey of Burberry. ...

Apple's quarterly sales fall, but forecast calls for gains

3 hours 53 min ago

After stumbling in 2016, Apple is betting on a better year ahead. The Silicon Valley tech giant is forecasting a return to growth in iPhone sales this winter, after a rare slump that dropped a wet blanket ...

World Series live stream: How to watch Cubs vs. Indians Game 1 online

3 hours 53 min ago
71 years after their last appearance, the Chicago Cubs have finally made it back to the World Series. They'll face off against the Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field in Ohio in Game 1 on Tuesday night at 8:08PM ET on Fox. DON'T MISS:  AT&T’s internet-only TV service will give you over 100 channels for $35 a month There are countless fascinating storylines surrounding this series — the most obvious being that the Cubs haven't won the World Series since 1908. That's the longest drought in Major League Baseball by a fairly wide margin, but the Indians are actually in second place, having not won a ring since 1948. But despite their history, these are two surging clubs with loaded rosters in 2016. In Game 1, two of the best pitchers in the sport (especially in the postseason) will take the mound: Jon Lester for the Cubs and Corey Kluber for the Indians. While the Indians silenced the Toronto Blue Jays in the ALCS with some outstanding pitching performances, the Cubs fell behind the Nationals 1-2 in the NLCS before catching fire in the last three games to score 23 runs vs. Washington's 6. The Cubs definitely have the firepower to end this series in four games, but with the second most wins in the American League this year, the Indians aren't going to go down without a fight. This should be a fun series from start to finish. If you want to watch Game 1 online, there are two ways to do so. If you prefer, you can head to Fox Sports Go in your browser or download the app on your tablet or smartphone . Alternatively, you can buy the Postseason Package from MLB.TV, but you still have to subscribe to a pay TV provider to access the streams.

Apple spins services with iPhone sales slumping

4 hours 2 min ago

Apple's quarterly profit slumped on a widely expected drop in iPhone sales, but gains in services offered some optimism on the company's efforts to curb dependence on its smartphone. The results were largely in line with market forecasts and showed sales of the iPhone -- Apple's biggest revenue and profit driver -- down five percent from a year ago to 45.5 million units. The quarterly update only provided limited information on the reception of the newest iPhone models, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which were released in early September, and was likely to benefit from the woes of rival Samsung, suffering from a massive recall of its flagship Galaxy Note 7 phone.