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N. Korean boat skipper 'charged over Japan theft'

Top Stories - Thu, 12/28/2017 - 03:30

Japanese prosecutors reportedly charged a North Korean fishing boat captain for theft on Thursday, accusing him of making off with items ranging from home appliances to solar panels. The 45-year-old was among 10 North Korean "fishermen" spotted aboard a tiny wooden boat struggling in bad weather off the northern island of Hokkaido in late November. Some of them admitted to "taking out" some electronic products from a remote Japanese island where they landed briefly to take refuge.

Box Truck Blocks Media's View Of Trump Getting 'Back To Work' (a.k.a. Playing Golf)

Top Stories - Thu, 12/28/2017 - 02:57

Day after day, CNN’s team of political journalists have set up cameras on the same public road to catch glimpses of President Donald Trump hitting the links at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

A massive price tag to rebuild Iraq after Islamic State

Top Stories - Thu, 12/28/2017 - 02:14

MOSUL, Iraq (AP) — It will take years to haul out the rubble that weighs down Mosul's Old City. More than 3,000 tons cover every acre, and much of the shattered concrete and twisted metal that once made up people's homes and shops is laced with explosives and unexploded ordnance.

Tuscon Police Release Footage of Man Impersonating a Police Officer

Top Stories - Thu, 12/28/2017 - 00:00

The suspect allegedly made fake traffic stops in Arizona and handcuffed one of his victims.

Remembering Those Lost in 2017

Top Stories - Thu, 12/28/2017 - 00:00

"World News Tonight" remembers some of the people who helped shape history.

US Republican explains call for FBI 'purge' over anti-Trump bias

Top Stories - Wed, 12/27/2017 - 23:00

After saying he supported a "purge" of the FBI and Department of Justice a Republican US lawmaker on Wednesday toned down his call but still said he was "frustrated" with investigators he thinks may be biased. "I'm very concerned that the DOJ and the FBI, whether you want to call it 'deep state' or what, are kind of off the rails," Rooney said.

An Australian Grandmother Was Charged With Drug Trafficking in Malaysia. She Just Escaped a Death Sentence

Top Stories - Wed, 12/27/2017 - 22:10

An Australian grandmother who was detained with more than a kilogram of crystal methamphetamine in Kuala Lumpur has been cleared of drug trafficking, a charge that in Malaysia carries a mandatory death penalty if convicted.

Judge praises teen for progress since killings when he was 8

Top Stories - Wed, 12/27/2017 - 21:17

ST. JOHNS, Ariz. (AP) — An Arizona judge and the family of a teenager who fatally shot two men in 2008, including his father, heaped praise on him Wednesday for the progress he's made as his time on probation comes to an end.

La. Man Survives Fiery Christmas Eve Crash That Killed Pregnant Fiancée and Their Infant Son

Top Stories - Wed, 12/27/2017 - 20:06

A 19-year-old mother and her 7-month-old son were killed on Christmas Eve in a car crash after an impaired driver slammed into their car.

A U.S. Attack on North Korea: Could China Retaliate Against Taiwan?

Top Stories - Wed, 12/27/2017 - 19:55

As it has in much of 2017, the crisis over North Korea’s nuclear and missile program is likely to haunt Northeast Asia for a good part of 2018. Beyond the immediate issue of Pyongyang’s weapons development is the interlocking nature of the conflict, which under certain circumstances—such as a decision by the United States to use force against North Korea—could spark other contingencies in the Asia Pacific.

Kelly Marie Tran Of ‘Last Jedi’ Facing Racist, Sexist Comments Online

Top Stories - Wed, 12/27/2017 - 18:40

Racism properly belongs in a galaxy long, long ago and far, far away, especially since the “Star Wars” universe features humans, Gungans, Droids, Ewoks and Wookiees.

Dollar General To Create 400 New Jobs In Texas As It Expands In Rural America

Top Stories - Wed, 12/27/2017 - 17:54

Dollar General, a favorite spot for household staples across the country, is expanding even further.

Firefighter Adopts Baby Girl He Delivered on The Job after Saving Her Life

Top Stories - Wed, 12/27/2017 - 17:54

Firefighter Marc Hadden had saved dozens of life with the department in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, but on Nov. 14, 2011, he found himself delivering a baby for the very first time after a woman called 911 complaining of abdominal pain

26 Photos That Show The Natural Disasters Humanity Faced In 2017

Top Stories - Wed, 12/27/2017 - 17:40

For those in the United States, 2017 will probably always be associated with the record hurricanes that caused widespread damage in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

The Type A's Must-Have Guide To Getting Organized In 2018

Top Stories - Wed, 12/27/2017 - 17:15

The holidays can definitely be a time of gluttony, and we don’t mean just the food.

Disneyland Theme Park Loses Power On One Of The Busiest Days Of The Year

Top Stories - Wed, 12/27/2017 - 17:04

A power outage at Disneyland took some of the magic out of the day for thousands of guests on Wednesday.

Police: Phoenix baby bent in half by father has died

Top Stories - Wed, 12/27/2017 - 16:59

A six-month-old child died after his father reportedly bent him in half to keep him from crying.

Luann de Lesseps Entered Incorrect Hotel Room with a Man Before Arrest, Police Say

Top Stories - Wed, 12/27/2017 - 16:46

Luann de Lesseps‘ arrest on Saturday night came after she was discovered trespassing in a hotel room with an unidentified male who was once her ex, according to a police report

18 Tweets That Capture The Struggle Of Translating For Immigrant Parents As A Kid

Top Stories - Wed, 12/27/2017 - 16:45

If you grew up with immigrant parents who didn’t speak English, you probably remember your first job as a child: family interpreter.

FBI won't take over investigation of detective's slaying

Top Stories - Wed, 12/27/2017 - 16:11

BALTIMORE (AP) — The FBI won't take over an investigation into the homicide of a Baltimore city detective who was shot in the head the day before he was to testify before a federal grand jury about a group of indicted officers, the city's top police official said Wednesday.


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