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Woodside Webcam

Back in 1999 when I was working at JP Morgan as an IT consultant for CSC I decided to registered the domain At the same time I had a DSL line provisioned and requested a static IP address. I did this so that I could run my own web server and email server.

Being a member of the JPM network security team at time I couldn’t do things by half, I built a Linux firewall that utilized the TIS Tookkit (Trusted Information Systems). This was an open source version of Gauntlet Firewall which we used at the time. There were no binaries for Linux available so I had to compiled the toolkit from source code. The firewall directed Internet traffic to my Linux web/email server and, allowed me to browse the Internet. I was in geek heaven.

Around the same time while working at JPM I also acquired a Mac PowerPC. This Mac had a video input. The gears started turning and before long I had an 8mm handy cam connected to the Mac and was directing Internet traffic to the video stream from Mac. The Woodside Webcam was born.

Since those early days the Woodside Webcam has gone through many different technology iterations and hardware outages. The current iteration is a Raspberry Pi which is certainly a lot smaller and power hungry than the original Mac PowerPC. You can see the live stream here:

Woodside Webcam

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